1. What bikes do you work on?

    We specialize in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But feel free to give us a call, tell us what kind of bike you have and what you need done, and we'll let you know if we can help.

      2. What services do you offer?

        Everythingcan be customized ! Services include but are not limited to:
          • fluid changes
          • factory recommended service
          • brakes
          • tire mounting and balancing
          • fuel line service
          • carburetor rebuilds
          • OEM part replacement
          • detailing and more

          We also specialize in performance upgrades as well as aftermarket parts sales, including:

          • custom exhaust
          • suspension
          • handlebars
          • wheels and tires
          • seats
          • fender/stut kits
          • paint and pinstriping services and more

          We also offer custom fabrication, welding and can even build you a bike from the ground up, ensuring your bike is exactly the way you want it.

          3. Do I have to have my bike serviced by the dealer to maintain my warranty?

            No. There is a federal law called the Magnusin-Moss act that states that a manufacturer cannot require a consumer to only use the manufacturer's products or services in order to maintain a warranty. The products used must only meet the manufacturer's published specifications.
            Bottom line - servicing your bike here will NOT void your warranty.

              4. I purchased parts online. Will you install them?

                No, we will send you the PDF instructions to you.

                  5. Do you sell OEM parts?

                    Yes, depending on the year, make and model of your bike, as well as the availability of the part.

                      6. Do you sell aftermarket parts?

                        Absolutely,we can get just about any part or accessory for your bike, including OEM parts.

                          7. What’s included in detailing? How much?

                            We have multiple options as far as motorcycle detailing. Please lever your emial to our latest catalog.

                              8. What do you normally have in stock?

                                If it goes on your modern bike for routine maintenance, we probably have it in stock. Things like brakes, wheels, levers, fuel tanks, forward controls, foot pegs, handlebars, and
                                  Most special order items can be placed with us over the phone or in person and often have 1-2 day transit times with free shipping!
                                  We also have a small selection of gear and accessories like gloves, helmets, shirts, grips, risers, and more.

                                    9. Do you price match?

                                      Sometimes we can and will match local competitors' prices on parts and accessories. But sometimes we simply cannot because we aren't a warehouse, and as a small business, we can't compete with wholesalers. If there is a price you want us to match, bring in proof of the price and we'll see what we can do.

                                        10. Am I able to add any additional items to an existing order?

                                          Of Course. If you would like to contact us via email and advise us of your additional items, we'd be more than happy to combine with your existing order and ship all items together. Freight fees still apply, but if we find that we can save you money on your freight by combining order, we will let you know and credit back accordingly.