The Features and Installation process of spoke and casting wheels for Harley-Davidson Dyna

The Features and Installation process of spoke and casting wheels for Harley-Davidson Dyna

    Motorcycle wheel is a motorcycle walking device, used to withstand radial force and axial force. 

   The front wheel is the direction wheel, and the rear wheel is the driving wheel, which supports the weight of the motorcycle, bears and buffers the various forces of the road surface on the wheel. 

   Determine the direction of the motorcycle, ensure that there is a good adhesion with the road, so that the motorcycle in a variety of different road smooth and safe driving. 
  • In terms of performance gain, the modified wheels in the market have realized the functions of lightweight and gain acceleration compared with the original wheels.

  • From the exterior of the motorcycle, different styles and colors of wheel modification provide different options for the rider.

  • Different styles of wheels may include several common colors : Black、Blue、Red、Chrome、Golden etc.

Changing the wheels on your own motorcycle can be a rewarding experience for both aesthetic and power reasons.

Introduce the wheels are modified commonly in the market:spoke wheels and casting wheels .

   The main feature of a spoke wheel is that it radiates several rods from the center of the hub, and then connects the hub to the circular traction surface and they are usually made of steel spokes and steel or aluminum rims

   In rugged terrain, the motorcycle needs to face the bumpy road with rocks and other objects, and its cross woven spokes can be carried out in turn when the force and release force, which has good adaptability.


   Casting wheels are mainly made of aluminum alloy, but some contain magnesium alloy or carbon fiber. They can transfer more torque and carry more load. Depending on the design, the overall assembly can be lighter.

   Casting wheels have smaller hub sizes, making them a more lightweight wheel choice and adaptable to a variety of designs.

   Made of aluminum alloy with high corrosion resistance, simple wiping work can keep the wheel smooth.Comparatively speaking, the tire replacement of casting wheel is more simple.

 Watch the video to learn Remove & Install Wheel