Know More Fishtail Exhaust Device And Its Sound Test for Harley-Davidson Street Glide 2014

Know More Fishtail Exhaust Device And Its Sound Test for Harley-Davidson Street Glide 2014

   The role of motorcycle exhaust system : The main purpose of the exhaust system is to direct the post-combustion gasses from the engine cylinder and away from the driver out into the atmosphere. Exhaust pipes are also used to help the engine run smoother by supplying back pressure through pipe length and cross sectional area.

   Implication for the rider's health : You at least know the temperature of the exhaust gas, and the exhaust system ensures that the hot gas gets to a place that's more convenient for you so you don't get burned.

   Influence of exhaust system on overall performance of motorcycle : After the combustion occurs in the engine, the engine must push out the exhaust gasses through the exhaust system. The better the exhaust system, the less work that the engine must put into expelling the exhaust gasses.

  • Fishtail exhaust pipe modification completed overall drawing

    The difference of fishtail exhaust pipe and conventional exhaust pipe

       Straight-through exhaust pipe has better acceleration, smooth exhaust and strong torque at high speed.

       Fishtail exhaust can be recognized by its distinctive appearance, its flat, tapering appearance.It looks smoother and nicer.

       The exhaust has a fishtail design, with a nostalgic look, sound and feel that reminds many riders of their first love


    • Double fishtail effect is also very different feel
      •  Flat appearance detail of air outle

         Its flattened, tapering appearance, gives the fishtail exhaust produces a unique exhaust sound.So We ran a running test on a modified fishtail tailpipe.

        Watch the video to learn about fishtail exhaust operation status



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