Front Brake Disc Rotor For Harley Davidson Touring

Front Brake Disc Rotor For Harley Davidson Touring

Brake disc as an important part of the brake system, brake calipers clamp brake disc to produce braking force, play a role in slowing down or stopping.


Brake Discs provide increased stopping power.

Most importantly, disc brakes give you better braking control. They allow you to stop more quickly accurately, with control.

And at the speed you want in a variety of conditions.

Brake disc is mostly drilled or slotted , its main role is to accelerate the ventilation and heat dissipation in the process of riding, improve the braking efficiency.

And the weight of the brake disc can be appropriately reduced.Can also clear the soil between the brake disc and brake pad,to keep braking sensitive.


When brake pads come in contact with the disc lots of heat gets generated. The drilled holes help to disperse heat and gas which is generated while braking.